when it’s time

Have you heard there’s a time for everything? How every matter has its season? I struggle to internalize this piece of wisdom. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person; if saving money is wise then frugality must be constant. If I need time alone to recharge, I tend towards withdrawing totally and for days. I can … Continue reading

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saturday morning coffee (four)

It’s that time again! What better way to spend  a Saturday morning than perusing the best the internet has to offer? What Really Frustrates Me About the Gay Marriage Debate Is…” by Zack Hunt “But we need to be as obsessed with fighting things like poverty, malnutrition, homelessness, and disease as we are with sexuality. No, we need … Continue reading


on the Seder

Photo credit: Dara Skolnick, Creative Commons Sometimes you’re in a Hilton conference room in White Plains, one of several families clustered around tables laden with Seder plates and potatoes and salt water. Sometimes the servers aren’t ready for you yet so there’s no wine when the rabbi starts his intonations, and his voice sounds a … Continue reading